Potatoes in a Bag

I started using Root Pouches or bags  to grow potatoes a few years ago and I highly recommend them.  The pouches allow for air permeability that automatically stops root formation. In other words no more root bound pots which in turn allows for a healthier plant.  Filling the ten gallon or five gallon bags with … Continue reading Potatoes in a Bag

Rainy Day

A few sore  muscles but  what a feeling of accomplishment on this rainy day. Trellises are up! Yes! Different sizes for different plants. The best news - all the supplies except the netting I already had from previous years. The photo was taken the day of completion and upside-down buckets made wonderful seats for a weary gardener. … Continue reading Rainy Day

Under construction. Can I get it all done?

I love gardening but sometimes at this time of year I wonder can I  get this all done by the end of May? Not counting succession planting either.  The hilltop garden - fourteen low-rise and three high-rise raised beds plus a trellis has kept me busy prepping this week. Let's not forget the two smaller high-rise raised … Continue reading Under construction. Can I get it all done?