Swamped With Seedlings

Swamped with seedlings inside the house I’m waiting for this latest cold snap to move on and give us warmer weather. All of the warm season plants are still under T5 6500K lights. They’re crowded, just waiting to make a move out to the little greenhouse, where they can finally stretch out their roots.

Squash, melons, cucumbers and zucchini. New types of squash that I’m trying this year are Green Striped Cushaw and Delicata . Cushaw a winter squash is resistant to the squash vine borer (SVB) and I hope that is the case.  I’m about to find out. Some use this in place of pumpkin or butternut squash in recipes. Delicata also a winter variety has had rave reviews about taste, more like a sweet potato . In either case I look forward to the harvest.

2016-08-14 11.11.06
Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe from last year

Minnesota Midget melons – I successfully grew last year and though small like a softball , are an excellent tasting cantaloupe. Haven’t grown cucumbers for years but this year I am taking the plunge with the Longfellow variety, which was introduced in 1927 by Jerome B. Rice Seed Company in New York. I plan on using it as a slicing cucumber for salads. I also have a new variety of watermelon – Blacktail. It has a short growing season and is perfect for northern growers. All of these veggies will be grown vertically, since I don’t have the room in my garden for all of these vines. They also require a careful watch for powdery mildew and insects. That’s another story.


Basil. I can’t forget to mention. I love basil- Genovese, Thai, Purple and Lime. More than likely I have too much. Until next time.

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