Rainy Day

A few sore  muscles but  what a feeling of accomplishment on this rainy day. Trellises are up! Yes! Different sizes for different plants. The best news – all the supplies except the netting I already had from previous years. The photo was taken the day of completion and upside-down buckets made wonderful seats for a weary gardener.


Most of the little watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumber  seedlings are snug in their new home with a few marigolds as companion plants.


Napa cabbage sprouts are in one of the smaller hi-rise beds by the greenhouse and I hope the snails and slugs left them alone overnight. Hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes are planted and one lonely tomatillo was placed next to the garlic. I have read not to place them next to the tomatoes in case of cross-pollination. 20170525_140347 Basil babies – genovese, thai, lime and purple are still in the greenhouse but their home by the asparagus bed is waiting for them.PhotoGrid_1495763321934

My petunia, salpiglossis ( looks like a taller petunia, new one for me), Irish Poet Tassel  and zinnia seedlings are waiting patiently. Alyssum are still little. But my treat today was to go to a family owned  garden center and pick up  some larger flowers for the front of our home. 20170525_200717Just some early color as I have calendula that have readily reseeded from previous years. Until next time.

5 thoughts on “Rainy Day

    1. Thank you! I agree the rewards are many and continue all season long. That first salad , first green bean , onion , blueberry or zucchini freshly picked , tastes so amazing compared to the same thing bought in any store.


  1. Your garden looks lovely! I’ve read some of your posts, and your about page, and feel that I met a likeminded soul! I very much look forward to learn more about organic gardening with you. I started my journey with organic gardening about 7 years ago. Every year there’s so much more to learn. I feel very good knowing that our food isn’t going to poison us. I’ve moved a couple times this past year, and just started out a new garden. It’s exciting. I decided to go with big smart pots, I don’t own the house I live in, and in that way I can move my plants if needed. I enjoy growing organic fruit, and fruit trees really thrive in the container garden. I can’t wait to see what this gardening year has in store. Looking forward to follow your garden progress 🙂

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