Potatoes in a Bag

I started using Root Pouches or bags  to grow potatoes a few years ago and I highly recommend them.

20170531_115854~3 The pouches allow for air permeability that automatically stops root formation. In other words no more root bound pots which in turn allows for a healthier plant.  Filling the ten gallon or five gallon bags with about four inches of soil media, I place three or four cut-up potato pieces with at least two eyes each on top of  the soil. Put about another three inches of soil over the potatoes. Once potatoes show a growth of three or four sets of leaves on the stem it’s time to add more soil to the bag. I’m growing Elba, Katahdid and German Butterball potato varieties this year.

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Once your soil mixture is ready , add carefully around the potato stems , unroll bags and fill the pouches up to the top.  I have three 10 gallon and three 5 gallon pouches for the potatoes. You can use larger bags but since I move mine rather frequently to weed trim that’s about my weight limit that I can comfortably move or slide around in the Hilltop garden. Until next time.

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