Garden Updates

Whew! Can’t believe how hot the weather has been this past week with temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s uncharacteristic of a normal June. The Hilltop garden changes quickly day by day.

Cucumber – Longfellow

Look at that cucumber climb! A few of the larger plants have opened their blossoms. A couple of weeks ago I was worried about the Cushaw squash surviving overnight temperatures in the 50s. They might make it now. Other vegetables have flourished in the warmer temperatures.


Zucchini have exploded in their growth rate and are setting buds. The Katahdin potatoes have developed blooms and some of the watermelons too. But the real success story are the brussel sprouts.


Nibbled down to one leaf each by field mice, I left them in the ground but planted more sprouts next to them. I was sure they wouldn’t make it or be forever deformed. The larger plants in the foreground are the originals, top right – a close up. I’m amazed at their resilience. In the lower right a broccoli plant is forming its first head. Both rows of brassicas were planted at the end of April. Harvests are continuing with greens.


Sugar snap peas look like they’ll be ready soon and the red russian kale continues with production for my daily kale salad. The lovely Grandpa Otts morning-glory has been a pleasant surprise here recently. Until next time.

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