Nightshades.  One may think of the deadly nightshade flower called belladonna but many are harmless.  For example that friendly neighborhood basket of petunias is a member. Nightshades belong to the Solanaceae  family as do many other flowers. Another beautiful member is the Painted Tongue flower or Salpiglossis  . (The botanical name always makes me think … Continue reading Nightshades

Garden Harvests,TLC and a Flower

First green beans were harvested today! These are heirloom Strike green beans which are about five inches long. So sweet and tender when  they're harvested fresh from the garden. Carrots too, are always a welcome veggie year around in our home and daily salad.  Nantindo a Nantes type is a hybrid that I pick up as untreated seed. … Continue reading Garden Harvests,TLC and a Flower

Garden Gifts and a Blue Blossom

Blueberries, zucchini and cucumbers are producing now and it's a joy to go into the garden.  At this time of year everything I receive from the garden seems like a gift. Except for the weeds but even they are less with most of the plants shading them out. I haven't grown cucumbers for years because … Continue reading Garden Gifts and a Blue Blossom