Summer Blooms and a Heartbreak

Grandpa Ott’s morning-glory has been a pleasure this year in the garden and around our home. We have several. They bloom earlier than others I’ve grown over the years and their intense purple color is a beautiful sight every morning.

Little Dahlias

These lovely little dahlias I planted from seed about twenty-five years ago by the west side of our home and they faithfully come up every year. They’re only about two to three inches wide with colors ranging from red to purple.

Sweet Alyssum

Another favorite is sweet alyssum with tiny flowers for the little beneficial insects and a wonderful aromatic scent everytime you walk past them. They’re excellent to place in your garden to bring in the pollinators as there is always a hive of activity surrounding them.

Baby Cucumber

My heartbreak today was finding this baby cucumber nibbled on by a field mouse. I had just spotted it yesterday as it was my first cucumber! After the holiday I’ll be taking steps to remove some hiding places in the weeds on the outskirts of the garden. Maybe also some traps and I hope the hawks spot them too. Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Summer Blooms and a Heartbreak

  1. Hello, I’ve had trouble before with small rodents nibbling my cukes. I’ve had good luck staking my plants in a tripod and coaxing the vines with the cukes up high from the ground. This way they can’t reach them and it’s easier to pick them. Good luck.😁

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  2. As the garden incrementally expands each year so too does the deer fence, mice though aren’t deterred by a fence and a fox will actually climb one for a snack – caught one once eating an eggplant of all things.
    A solution has been the residence hounds who take their duty of patrolling the garden seriously.
    Which is kind of funny as squirrels commonly come to the porch seeking a hand out or to keep grandfather company and the hounds could care less.
    The “gatherers” decided once a scarecrow was just the thing – the hounds feigned indifference throughout the construction process and location in the garden then attacked shredding it in short order.
    Grandfather and I howled with laughter while the women slipped back and forth between languages attempting to stop the carnage – grandfather and I felt compelled to praise the hounds who in their understanding were merely doing their job which led to he and I receiving the hands on the hips look until the women began to crack up as well – moral of the story is don’t teach a dog to secure an area and expect him to deviate from his appointed rounds.

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