Garden Gifts and a Blue Blossom

Blueberries, zucchini and cucumbers are producing now and it’s a joy to go into the garden.  At this time of year everything I receive from the garden seems like a gift. Except for the weeds but even they are less with most of the plants shading them out.

Cube of Butter squash and Dark Star zucchini with a Longfellow cucumber

I haven’t grown cucumbers for years because of a disaster I had in the early 2000 with squash vine borers SVB  and powdery mildew. But last year I was convinced to grow watermelon and cantaloupe by a fellow garden friend in North Dakota, and I actually had a harvest. I thought if I could grow cantaloupe I could grow cucumbers. So this year I decided to try cucumbers again. It worked! Oh how crisp and tasty they are. These are a salad slicer type and the variety is a Longfellow cucumber.

Minnesota Midget cantaloupe

But I haven’t forgotten what a treat the cantaloupes were last year. The Minnesota Midget cantaloupe babies are in various stages of development in the garden as I planted them a few weeks apart. They are only softball size at full growth but as a northern gardener I’m happy. They are the perfect one serving size!

Little watermelon

Watermelons are forming too! So excited but still yet apprehensive with that first tentative step into the garden and I gaze at the vines. They’re not wilted! Yes! I think this might be a Blacktail Mountain watermelon  but I have other melon varieties such as Early Moonbeam , White Sugar Lump  and Janosik.

Balloon Flower

My special gift today was finding this balloon flower blooming for the first time. I had given up on them when I planted them last year and not a bloom. So you can imagine my surprise when I found it nestled among the calendulas and snapdragons this morning.  The botanical name is platycodon grandiflorus and resides in the Campanula family.  I’m so glad it bloomed since I’ve heard they’re very hardy every year. Until next time.


3 thoughts on “Garden Gifts and a Blue Blossom

  1. We just harvested our first melons with more to come in about three weeks as we stagger plant to insure we have fresh from the garden throughout the season.
    On our second harvest of tomatoes and other veggies with more to come, lot of canning, distributing, freezing and dehydrating going on – we laugh every time we pass a grocery store.
    Beautiful flower in the photo – looks like you’re on a roll on your end, well done.

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