Garden Harvests,TLC and a Flower

First green beans were harvested today! These are heirloom Strike green beans which are about five inches long. So sweet and tender when  they’re harvested fresh from the garden. Carrots too, are always a welcome veggie year around in our home and daily salad.  Nantindo a Nantes type is a hybrid that I pick up as untreated seed. They are about six to seven inches long and good for spring, summer and fall carrots. I’ve also harvested them into January. But while it’s fun and rewarding to harvest all those veggies it was time to do some needed maintenance or tender loving care (TLC) for the garden plants this week.

Compost or Black Gold

Compost or black gold heals many  summer maladies of your vegetable garden. Good soil plus adding a side dressing of compost gives that needed boost to your garden to help continued flowering and production over these hot and rainy (here) summer months. We have three compost bins that we alternately use and  the above photo shows the one we are using this year. Yesterday many of the veggies received a dressing of nutrient rich compost.

Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe

See those mesh like markings on the Minnesota Midget melon, now it is really looking like a member of the cantaloupe family.

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

The dark color is starting to dominate on these Blacktail Mountain watermelons! Can’t wait.

Redwing Onions

Onions are starting to bulb, won’t be long. These are the Redwing  long day variety which stores very well for northern gardeners. I’ve grown these for several years. It’s such a wonderful time in the garden these days watching all the development.

Indian Blanket Sunflower

But wait I don’t want to forget to show you the beautiful Indian Blanket sunflower brightening every day in the hilltop garden. Until next time.




17 thoughts on “Garden Harvests,TLC and a Flower

  1. Beautiful carrots and beans! I’ve not been very successful with carrots (my zone is too hot), so I just appreciate my turmeric (they grow happily) as my source of betacarotene.


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