Something Old Something New

Something new is this gorgeous purple cauliflower from  Seeds from Italy   that I successfully grew this year in the Hilltop garden! My first ever!  The cauliflower variety di Sicilia Violetto can have side shoot production and maybe I’ll see them this year.

di Sicilia Violetto Cauliflower

The plant was initially under tulle fabric which it outgrew, then covered with black cicada fabric, the only fabric I had that was tall enough for all my brassicas. At first I thought maybe the cloth was too dark for  plant development but the fabric has been a godsend in a very hot summer.  Although the holes are larger than the tulle it has helped keep out the majority of pests. Neem oil was used as a preventive for aphids,  and Kaolin Clay Solution was applied when I spotted harlequin bugs earlier this year. They have recently come back so another solution will be applied this week on the other brassicas. As a note I harvest first then apply the solution.

Brussel Sprout plant topped on the right

Since I mentioned the brassica family if you have brussel sprouts,  remember to top them soon so the size of the sprout increases.  Sprouts are forming on the greenhouse plants too and are normally behind the Hilltop garden , but the garden sprouts nearly died early in the year. Field mice ate the whole plants leaving only one leaf, so these garden sprouts are hardy.

Monachelle Di Trevio Pole Beans

Something else new this year are these beautiful Monachelle Di Trevio dry beans. The plants have been  extremely productive in the Hilltop garden reaching nearly seven feet in height. They’ve also grown in a shady location that doesn’t receive much early morning sun only afternoon sun. All these qualities make this variety a winner in the garden.

20170824_161137Something old in the garden are all the beautiful zinnias this time of year especially the ones that are a rose-pink color. I’ve had these for many years and they usually reach nearly five feet.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on a Zinnia Flower

I always have many strategically placed flowers in the garden to bring in the bee and butterfly pollinators. Besides zinnias – morning glories, Irish poet tassel flowers, yarrow and marigolds are some others. Until next time.

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