Seed Sprouts, Flower Blooms

All of the sudden we have beautiful weather! Veggies recently seeded or planted are growing by leaps and bounds. Flowers are blooming. Finally!

Carrot sprouts

Carrots seeded about ten days ago are starting to come up. Germination of carrots is occasionally an iffy process. If the weather is too cold they won’t come up for weeks or not at all, then a few days in the 70s or 80s they pop right up. I planted four varieties – Miami, Nantindo, Negovia and Napoli. Napoli was the only one that didn’t come up, but it was older seed, otherwise it’s a very reliable tasty carrot. So I need to replant one row with one of the other three varieties. I’ll try to resist buying any more seed – but I have wanted to pick up the Danver carrot variety in the future – maybe next year.

Miami carrots develop in about 60 days but I’ve found that carrots sometimes take a little longer to grow than the packages state. Nantindo matures in approximately 70 days with Negovia taking the longest at 80 days. All of them grow to about seven or eight inches and store well. Miami tends to have more blunted ends the older it is, Negovia has more rounded tips and Nantindo tapers more to a point. No matter when they ripen I’ll look forward to having fresh carrots again!

Swiss chard seedlings

Swiss chard planted around the same time has little sprouts peeking through the soil. They are in two short rows in a raised bed but I’ll thin and replant eight to twelve inches apart in several rows. Chard is a very hardy green once it germinates and it doesn’t go to seed or flower in its first year. Five Color or Bright Lights chard is the variety I normally grow. Leaf Miner insects are the only problem I ever have with it. Spraying with Neem Oil solution once a week or every two weeks helps, directions in the previous post Seedling Problems and Transplants , otherwise just cut off the infected leaves.

I prefer to eat the younger leaves that are four inches and smaller, so many times that defeats the leaf miner insects. By the way it’s an adult moth that looks very much like a fat fly which deposits eggs on the leaf. The larva “mine” through the leaf. Life cycle is about 21 to 28 days. Fortunately they don’t bother with any of my flowers.


Some of my favorite perennial spring flowers blooming now are Bleeding Hearts and Darwin tulips. Soon will be the lilacs, maybe the rain tonight will open their blooms. Until next time.

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