Plants, Seeds and Blooms

I love this weather when the temperature reaches into the seventies with a light, summery breeze blowing on my face. Lettuce and other greens are producing now and the garden is developing in stages.

Newly planted sweet peppers

Sweet peppers are in before the rain tomorrow. Eighteen plants fit nicely in one of the big raised beds (4’x10’x2′) in the Hilltop garden. Marconi red and yellow peppers are two types I’ve grown over the years. Marconi is a nice large pepper with thick walls that is sweet, sauteed or stuffed. Margaret another variety is thin walled and very sweet. But the Sweet Red Apple pepper is the sweetest of all  even eaten raw. It has a tear-dropped shape with thick walls. Let us not forget the huge Golden Treasure that grows to nearly eight inches or more , a lovely heirloom that is gorgeous to look at and eat. Another is an orange Cubanelle that I grow with the hot peppers as well as the sweet peppers. A nice mild hot pepper that is picking up more heat every year from its hot buddies.

Jalapenos and banana peppers or Hungarian Wax are the hottest I grow, although the Jedi jalapeno has considerable heat. It’s not your mild heat jalapeno but I do have some old standby jalapenos. Most of the hot peppers are interspersed with some lettuce this year. One way I use hot peppers is in my hummus – like that extra tang they give with either a lemon or lime in the mix.


Leeks were planted out recently too. This year I’m growing Lancelot leeks from Dixondale Farms since my seed didn’t germinate, but it was over six years old.

Other seeds recently planted are zucchini, cucumber, melon and squash. Noches, Dark Star and Green Machine are the zucchini varieties I’m growing for this season. Dark Star is the only one I’ve grown before, so I’ll let you know about the other two.

Cucumber in the process of germination

Last year I had phenomenal success with the Longfellow cucumber (other reviewers on this variety have not been glowing though) so the seeds are sown again. New types this year are Corinto (48 days to maturity) and a hybrid called SV4719CS (56 days) – guess they were out of names for this one. Marketmore an open pollinated cucumber is another which I’ve grown before with success. One of my favorite ways to eat them is spiralized on my salads.

Tomatoes acclimating in the greenhouse.

Tomatoes and eggplants have been moved to the greenhouse to acclimate as well as the extra peppers. Yes this is the busy season but it’s so exciting to begin again.


Wish I could transport the aroma emanating from these beautiful springtime flowers. Yet I can share the bird melodies with you. Ahh. I need to get to work. Until next time.

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