Seed Sprouts, Flower Blooms

All of the sudden we have beautiful weather! Veggies recently seeded or planted are growing by leaps and bounds. Flowers are blooming. Finally! Carrots seeded about ten days ago are starting to come up. Germination of carrots is occasionally an iffy process. If the weather is too cold they won't come up for weeks or … Continue reading Seed Sprouts, Flower Blooms

Calendula Salve DIY

Over the summer I had an abundance of calendula flowers, and I dried many of them to make my favorite salve or lotion. Now that my garden requires less of me I have time for creating my lotions.  Here's how to make your own with just a candle warmer or very small pot. Calendula Anti-Inflammatory … Continue reading Calendula Salve DIY

Something Old Something New

Something new is this gorgeous purple cauliflower from  Seeds from Italy   that I successfully grew this year in the Hilltop garden! My first ever!  The cauliflower variety di Sicilia Violetto can have side shoot production and maybe I'll see them this year. The plant was initially under tulle fabric which it outgrew, then covered … Continue reading Something Old Something New