Seedling Soil Mix, Seedlings

Several people have asked me over the years what soil media I use to start my seedlings. I loosely follow Eliot Coleman's method listed in his book New Organic Grower. If you are not familiar with Coleman this link on Coleman  gives a  brief description. He is the father of cold season or four season gardening and one … Continue reading Seedling Soil Mix, Seedlings

Potato Bag Harvest

For a few years I have grown potatoes in bags and earlier this year I mentioned this in the post Potatoes In A Bag . But I have struggled to produce a decent potato harvest, so over the winter I did some research. This year I made a change using  the indeterminate potato varieties of German Butterball, … Continue reading Potato Bag Harvest


Nightshades.  One may think of the deadly nightshade flower called belladonna but many are harmless.  For example that friendly neighborhood basket of petunias is a member. Nightshades belong to the Solanaceae  family as do many other flowers. Another beautiful member is the Painted Tongue flower or Salpiglossis  . (The botanical name always makes me think … Continue reading Nightshades