Life as an Organic Gardener

Hilltop Garden with Pollinator Attractors
Summer Hilltop Garden Beans, Veggies and Blooms

Plants happy and less diseases are just some of the benefits of gardening organically. Bees and butterflies abound in the garden today. I wasn’t always an organic gardener but several years ago I read a book by Eliot Coleman called The New Organic Grower to learn about gardening year around. That book changed my view. Then I read another book by Jessica Walliser called Attracting Beneficial Bugs To Your Garden.

Ladybug Larva and Adult Ladybug

Jessica opened my eyes to the stages of insect development and how to spot for example a Ladybug larva. Never destroy it at this stage, as it looks completely different than the rounded insect we identify as a ladybug.

Monarch on an Irish Poet Tassel flower

I completely renovated my veggie garden….

Late Summer and Fall Garden

to have areas that are filled with pollinator attractors and predator insects to eat those nasty aphids and other bothersome but hungry insects.


The parasitic wasps laid their eggs inside cabbage moth caterpillars that ravished the kale and similar cruciferous crops. These predator insects kept most of the veggies safe. A little neem oil helped on the ones they missed or a leaf was sacrificed. This was better than dealing with the toxic substances traditionally used.

Tomatoes, Cantaloupes, Cucumbers, Onions, Squash

The reward was the bounty the garden produced.

Delicata, Butternut and Cushaw Squash, Beans and Cucumbers

I hope you enjoy the journey each year in the garden with me. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

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