Greens and Veggies

Everything has grown so quickly in the last week. Less than ten days ago I had trimmed back all the greens to harvest but look at them now. They're ready to harvest again and this is just one bed. I have two others. In another part of the garden the blueberries are ripening. I've been … Continue reading Greens and Veggies

Little Garden Helpers, Herbs and Plant Babies

So many little garden helpers are working for us in our gardens if we would let them. Lady bugs are one. They eat aphids which can weaken your plants and many other insects that destroy our garden goodies. The ladybug pictured above is on a potato leaf looking for its dinner but also keeps the … Continue reading Little Garden Helpers, Herbs and Plant Babies

Swamped With Seedlings

Swamped with seedlings inside the house I'm waiting for this latest cold snap to move on and give us warmer weather. All of the warm season plants are still under T5 6500K lights. They're crowded, just waiting to make a move out to the little greenhouse, where they can finally stretch out their roots. Squash, melons, cucumbers … Continue reading Swamped With Seedlings